Nutrisystem helped us get a healthy lifestyle at an affordable price!

Hello everyone, I’m Brian. Five years ago, I started my own dental private practice called the Smile Family Dental Center.  Now, the company has nine employees, all of who inspire the hospital to do better in every step, and support healthy lifestyles. Before I talk about the promo codes, I’d like to share with you all the Nutrisystem journey of the Smile Family Dental Center.

Starting from just four employees, the company has done a lot of progress, now being able to hire nine employees. All of the employees here are extremely positive. Since the establishment, the employees had always given out positive vibes at the hospital, but about half a year ago, I noticed something disappointing. They were all tired after lunch; some had grown fatter while some were skipping lunch because they didn’t want to eat fast food. On asking why these were happening, the employees told me how fed up they were with all the oily fast food which only made them unhealthier. They also asked if I had a plan to help them live a healthy lifestyle and I knew that sitting down on an office chair all day, eating fast food for lunch was definitely no way to do so. The work hours wouldn’t let them join the gym, or to prepare healthy meals from home, so I started asking some of my nutrition consultant friends what I could do to help bring the positive vibes back to the hospital. None of their suggestions impressed me, and when I concluded saying there is no way to make this better, an old friend told me about the Nutrisystem program and handed me some Nutrisystem coupons that she took from I wasn’t very convinced about how it worked, but I discussed with all the employees and they wanted to give it a try.

Beginning our Nutrisystem Journey

Finally getting an alternative to fast food, everyone was extremely excited to try the Nutrisystem meals. I called the Nutrisystem office up to ask about the best meal plan for our office. The staff was amazing; she suggested us a Nutrisystem maintenance program since we were consulting Nutrisystem for healthier food rather than for weight-loss. She also suggested we visit their website and get some Nutrisystem coupon codes. We selected the “Just Lunch and Snacks” plan, and within just a week, we were on our healthy lifestyle journey with Nutrisystem!

Nutrisystem Diet Results


Nutrisystem proved that tasty food can be healthy and affordable too!

Our meal plan was only for lunch and snacks, but we had an option to choose from 35 lunch menus and 50 snacks menus. Since the Smile Family Dental Center remains open all days of the week, we ordered different seven day menus for an entire month for the nine of us. Our lunch included tortilla soups, loaded potatoes and also hamburgers. Our snacks included chocolate cupcakes, ice cream sandwiches and toffee crunch cookies. After trying these meals for a month, all of us decided to have Nutrisystem lunch and snacks for another month, and another, and another. All of us were giving our feedbacks and compliments to Nutrisystem via the internet, and all of us wrote to them saying their meals were extremely delicious. It was so amazing how we didn’t have to have a salad, or fruits or vegetables to get a healthy lifestyle. The best thing about Nutrisystem was definitely how it allowed us low carb burgers and pizzas, and not salad.

The second best thing about Nutrisystem was that all this tasty food was so affordable! Our entire one week meal plan for nine of us was priced only $315. The deals made our already-affordable meals more affordable. These codes help us get a weekly discount of $63. That meant that for $252, we were getting good proportion low carb lunch and snacks which helped us more towards living a healthy lifestyle.

From collective feedback and praise discussion, we have come up with three pros and cons to familiarize you with the Nutrisystem program:


  • 85 different menu items to choose from
  • Extra affordable
  • Great staff service


  • Having to microwave every item
  • Not as satisfyingly tasty as fast food
  • Slow effect on healthy lifestyle

Six months of following the Nutrisystem program and the hospital has got back its charm. The Smile Family Dental Center once again is full of positive vibes and positive minds. Five of our employees have decided to get a full time basic meal plan from Nutrisystem for better results on both increasing fitness level and getting a better and healthier lifestyle. They tell me that the full time Nutrisystem meal plan is even more amazing and works extremely effectively. They’ve convinced me to search for a suitable meal plan for myself to turn full time as well!

All of us now recommend Nutrisystem to patients who complain about their struggles to lose weight, or about not having sufficient time to hit the gym or go jogging. Nutrisystem will get you back on track with life with its affordable yet tasty and extremely healthy food. Search for Nutrisystem deals and make your affordable food cheaper. The Smile Family Dental Center is expanding even more, thanks to the positive individuals that work here. Even though all it gave us was a meal plan, Nutrisystem did something bigger for us… It helped bring back this positivity!

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